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Sales & Service: 605-348-4468 Toll Free: 866-348-4468 1632 E. Mall Dr. Rapid City, SD 57701 Collision Center: 605-343-1285 2455 E. MALL DRIVE
Sales & Service: 605-348-4468
Toll Free: 866-348-4468

Denny Menholt Rushmore Honda near Rapid City 57701 Auto Financing Process

Trying to finance your new car purchase can be an intimidating ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ll help you through the entire auto financing process from Denny Menholt Rushmore Honda near Rapid City 57701 to make sure that you get set up with a loan you can manage and a car that you love! Visit us today!

Our experts in the Finance Department are here to help you get through the process and make sure you get a financial plan that is affordable and hassle-free. You don’t want a situation where you get blindsided by changing interest rates or balloon payments, so that’s why our employees can explain the financial agreement without all of the confusing jargon. No matter if you have good credit or bad credit, we can work out a financial plan for you!

There are a few different aspects to consider about the auto financing process at Denny Menholt Rushmore Honda near Rapid City 57701. One of the most important variables when determining your financial plans is your down payment. If you pay more up front, that means you’ll have lower monthly payments, and you could also reduce the term of your loan. The length of the loan is another variable, a 60-month loan will have much higher monthly payments than a 72-month plan, however, you’ll end up paying less over the life of the loan. These are all important things to consider when planning for an auto loan, and our financial specialists can help talk you through the best strategy for you and your family.

There are a number of things you can do to help plan out your financial picture without even having to leave the comfort of your own home! Use the Payment Calculator tool to plan out your budget based on a set interest rate and down payment. It will let you see your buying power to set your purchasing limit, or compute potential monthly payments based on how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re trading in your current vehicle, then the Value Trade-In tool will be extremely helpful. Simply enter in some basic information about your vehicle, and you’ll be able to see what it’s worth to help lower your costs.

The auto financing process at Denny Menholt Rushmore Honda near Rapid City 57701 is a vital part of purchasing a new or used vehicle. With our help, you’ll be able to get the car you’ve been dreaming about at a price that you can live with. Visit us today!

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Sales Consultant Brian McKim
Brian McKim
Sales Consultant
Brian McKim is originally from Fairbanks, Alaska, and attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has a wide array of interests, including playing guitar, recording music, hunting, fishing, hiking, cooking and eating good food. Brian also enjoys traveling, and his greatest accomplishment is traveling to six different countries, and he hopes to add more to the list. Brian also has a hidden scuba diving talent. The best party of his job is meeting so many people with cool stories and how he always learns something new because of it.
Sales Manager Terry  Hillman
Terry Hillman
Sales Manager
Terry hails from Gering, Nebraska, where he went to high school before attending Chadron State College. Terry loves, fishing, football, and his grandkids. He also does a great impression of the elephant man. Terry says his greatest accomplishment is his family because he has a solid marriage and great relationships with his children and grandchildren. The best part of his job is working with our employees and customers
Pre-owned Car Manager Kim  Swanson
Kim Swanson
Pre-owned Car Manager
I am the pre-owned Manager at Rushmore Honda. I've been in the auto industry since 1982 and have been in management with this organization for the past 15 years. I take great pride in working for Rushmore Honda and the high moral standard in which we do busines here. I'm an avid golfer and have been a member of the local Elks Lodge for 24 years. I have 2 wonderful children and 3 beautiful grandchildren. My wife Donna of 17 years does her best at keeping me in check and makes sure she beats me on a regular basis on the golf course.
Receptionist  James Persons
James Persons
James Persons has been with us for more than three years. He says the best part of his job is providing hospitality and a warm welcome to our guests.
Sales Consultant Jacob  Borden
Jacob Borden
Sales Consultant
I spent my summers as a kid here in Rapid City out on Sheridan Lake Rd. Growing up farming and ranching in Small town Kansas and graduating with a class of only 18 kids hard work was a way of life. After graduating high school I joined the military where I had the honor and privilege to serve with some of the best people I have ever met. I have worked and lived all around the world. After retirement from the service I wanted to do something that in some way related to what I loved doing in the service helping people and serving my community. Along with my lovely wife Dannielle we chose to raise our 2 boys Jaydin and Alex here in the black hills surrounded by the small communities and a beauty that only can be described as Godly. I would be remiss if I did not mention that all of this is due to the grace of God and support of my loving family. I look forward to helping you with your next dream car purchase.
Sales Consultant Nick  Thurman
Nick Thurman
Sales Consultant
I grew up in Rapid city and feel lucky to live in South Dakota because of the rights we have and freedom we are given. I love the Black Hills, and I love spending time there. I have a lot of family and friends around who are very important to me and I love spending time with them when I can, especially my three awsome kids! I appreciate your business and love working at Rushmore Honda. I absolutely look forward to meeting new people everyday who I hope I can turn into friends and long time customers.
Sales Consultant Jonathan  Egger
Jonathan Egger
Sales Consultant
Phone : 605-209-4609 Jonathan came from Sturgis and Gillette, Wyoming. He attended Sturgis Brown High School and Western Dakota Technical Institute. Jonathan loves watching the Denver Broncos, playing fantasy football, and playing with his children. He says his dream car’s a Honda Civic Type-R. The best part of his job is meeting all the great customers who come into Rushmore Honda.
Sales Consultant Jason  Bonnette
Jason Bonnette
Sales Consultant
I have been in the car business for 16 years. I am happily married with a beautiful wife and 3 amazing kids. Family is the most important thing to me and we make it a point to spend our free time with our children. We enjoy boating, hiking, and are very involved in soccer. I believe that buying a car should be an enjoyable experience. It is my job to make sure your time spent at Rushmore Honda is the best experience possible.
Sales Consultant Jake  Meredith
Jake Meredith
Sales Consultant
I grew up in Rapid City. I spent three years in the US Army in North Carolina as an Airborne Infantryman. I moved back to the Hills and worked in customer service prior to joining the Rushmore Honda team. I look forward to earning your business and assisting you with your automotive needs. GO RAIDERS!!
Sales Consultant Duke  Finck
Duke Finck
Sales Consultant
I have lived in Rapid City the majority of my life. I went to college for Business Management in Colorado Springs . I managed several restaurants in Rapid City and surrounding area for several years. I have been a Sales Associate with Rushmore Honda for over nine years. Please come and see me for any automotive needs!
Sales Consultant Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson
Sales Consultant
Daniel Johnson is originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, and has lived in Rapid City since 2000, graduating from Central High School in 2006. Daniel’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, off-roading, snowboarding, and football. His dream car’s a 1969 Chevelle SS, and Daniel says his greatest accomplishment is his 2-year-old daughter, Brooklyn. The best part of the job for Daniel is meeting new people, listening to their story, and finding them the car that fits their needs. Oh, and Daniel’s hidden talent is his ability to raise one eyebrow at a time.
Sales Consultant Tallulah Kinstle
Tallulah Kinstle
Sales Consultant
Tallulah Kinstle is originally from Ridgecrest, California. She says she loves everything the Black Hills has to offer, whether it’s hiking or hanging out at the lake. Tallulah’s big on family, spending much of her time engaging in Nerf gun wars. Her greatest accomplishment has been learning from her failures because they’ve each shown her how to live with compassion, love, and humility. For Talluah, the best part of her job is working with people and making them laugh, even if it’s at her expense because, she says, “laughter is healing, and everyone can use a little more of that in their life.”
Sales Consultant Paul Burnham
Paul Burnham
Sales Consultant
Paul Burnham is a Black Hills native who enjoys golf, fishing, boating, football, and spending time with his three kids. He loves Hondas, but his dream car is a Lamborghini Countach. His favorite part of working at Rushmore Honda is meeting new people, "Which often turns into making new friends." He said his greatest accomplishment is raising three great kids who are all caring, kind funny and smart. His hidden talent is painting: "I can paint pretty good landscape paintings."